Photo by Don McPhee

Photo by Don McPhee

I’ve loved writing ever since I learned how to write a basic essay in grade school. The written word is a powerful thing and I love it when my words have an emotional impact on my readers.

I have been writing professionally since 2009. I’ve written over 250 guest blog posts and articles in addition to creating weekly content for my websites. If you need content for your blog, newsletter, or other publication, and you can’t or don’t have time to write it yourself, I can help. You can hire me to write one post or to provide content for you on an ongoing basis.

When I write for you, your readers’ needs are my marching orders. I can take on any assignment ranging from an informative explanation to an explosive rant. My goal is to provide engaging and useful content that informs and entertains your consumers. I can break down complex legal concepts for the Joe Average reader and/or take a passionate stance almost any social or legal issue.

Please contact me at or 602-644-1701 to discuss my rates and availability.