Sunset in AZ by Miguel Folch

Sunset in AZ by Miguel Folch from Flickr (Creative Commons License)

Carter Law Firm is the umbrella company for my professional speaking and writing activities. My goals are to give people the legal foundation and educational tools they need to run with their ideas and to empower people to pursue their crazy endeavors. I hope the audience comes away from seeing me speak or reading an article feeling like they understand the legalities of business or social media better and have suggestions they can immediately apply to their work.

I take my work seriously but not myself. I often like to have fun with my audience and use absurd but true stories that demonstrate what not to do in business or on social media. Here are a few quotes from my LinkedIn recommendations:

“We recently asked Ruth to come speak to our group of business professionals and she blew us away! She offered valuable insight on contracts, made sure that all questions were answered, and was extremely approachable.”

“Not only did she deliver very valuable lessons on starting a business and the hurdles that are faced, she delivered it with dynamism that is rare.”

“She has a magnetic and fun personality that causes instant engagement with her audience, and she holds their attention. Ruth’s expertise also made the audience comfortable asking questions and taking her suggestions to heart, while at the same time making sure they knew that if they have a serious legal problem they should still seek counsel.”

I am available to speak at workshops, conferences, webinars, continuing legal education (CLE) seminars, and company in-house meetings. My speaking history includes SXSW, the American Bar Association TechShow, Phoenix Comicon, ASU CLE events, the Photographer’s Adventure Club, and the Chandler Youth Advisory Council. I can speak to any size audience, from tweens to adults in any industry. Please see my speaking pages for a full list of topics and past events.

As a writer, I am a columnist for Attorney at Work, a contributor for Law Technology News, and I have written many guest posts and articles for websites and magazines. I have been a source for many news outlets on business law, social media law, intellectual property, and entrepreneurship.

Please contact me if you’re interested in hiring me to speak at your event or write for your publication. If you are looking to hire me for traditional legal services, I do all my client work through Venjuris Law Firm and you can contact me there.