Ruth Carter: Lawyer by Trade, Geek by Nature

Photo by Jeff Moriarty

Photo by Jeff Moriarty

I’m a geek. Instead of a suit, I prefer to work in a t-shirt and jeans. I am a devoted Star Trek fan and one of my favorite holidays is Pi Day.

I live and breathe social media. I can’t imagine my life without blogging, reading others’ posts, listening to podcasts, and creating other content. During law school, I fell in love with social media law and I devote a lot of time to researching and talking about the issues related to using the internet as your digital soapbox and creating content like videos, blogs, photos, and incorporating others’ work and ideas into your own content. I also write specifically about issues related to “geek law.”

I love puzzles and the law is my Rubik’s cube. It’s a joy when clients bring me innovative ideas and I have to figure out how to make the legal side of it work. The law cannot keep up with developments in technology so I’m constantly trying to figure out how the old laws apply to new situations.

I opened Carter Law Firm in Phoenix in 2012. My practice focused on social media law, copyright, trademark, contracts, business formation, and flash mob law. I opened this firm because I wanted to work with my fellow geeks, entrepreneurs, and creatives to help them protect their assets and build their businesses. In 2015, I joined Venjuris Law Firm as an Of Counsel lawyer. Now, I do all my client work under the Venjuris umbrella and I use Carter Law Firm for my professional speaking and writing.

ruthcover smallerMy other claims to fame are I’m an American Bar Association Legal Rebel and I wrote the book The Legal Side of Blogging: How Not to get Sued, Fired, Arrested, or Killed. I’ve also written two other books: Flash Mob Law and The Legal Side of Blogging for Lawyers.

Here’s where you can find me online:

Please contact me directly if you’re interested in having me speak to your group, write for your publication, or you’re interested in traditional legal services.

Being a lawyer is what I do, but underneath the fancy title and education, I just a geek at heart.