Flash Mob Law

Fake Protest Part Deux by Sheila Dee

Fake Protest Part Deux by Sheila Dee

Flash mobs are groups who appear to assemble spontaneously to perform an unusual act & disperse, often with the goal of surprising & entertaining an unsuspecting audience. Flash mob law is a combination of criminal, property, tort, intellectual property, First Amendment, & entertainment law. Flash mob organizers need to be mindful of the legal implications of their events, because planning a flash mob can be grounds for criminal charges if any aspect of the event is illegal.

We have researched the legalities of flash mobs since 2009. We provide consultations to individuals & groups who organize flash mobs to ensure that they are planned & performed legally. We are also available for hire if a group wants us to have a more active role in the planning of an event.

We also perform legal consultation for groups who use flash mobs to promote a business or event. These events have the same legal implications as other flash mobs except that a poorly executed event could have disastrous implications for the entity being promoted. It’s critical that the organizers have legal advice every step of the way.

If you’re really interested in flash mob law, our very own Ruth Carter literally wrote the book on this topic.

If you want more information about flash mob law, please enjoy the mini lecture I did about this topic at the American Bar Association TechShow in 2012.